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Swiped Unlimited

Streamline Payments, Drive Revenue

Who We Help

Businesses, ISVs, and Financial Institutions


We strive to be your valued solutions partner by gaining insight into your unique business needs. We then provide customized, simple, safe, and secure solutions tailored to your business.

Let us help you save both time and money while boosting your business’s payments revenue – all at once. Want to learn how? Here’s how we do it.

Connected Payment Experiences

Our payment technology simplifies transactions for customers by connecting all payment acceptance points in one simple solution. Whether in-store, online, or over the phone, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile and Contactless Payments

Our payment system allows you to accept payments from any and all devices, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, including mobile apps, digital wallets, and contactless cards.

Strategic Insights

Gain valuable insights on product performance, transaction history, and more through detailed reporting.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured about your customers and security. Our state-of-the-art fraud detection and transaction security will keep you safe, and our 24/7 support is always available.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Boost your revenue by monetizing the payments component of your software! With seamless integrated payments and a generous revenue share, create a consistent stream of income for your business.

Our goal: Helping you drive your integrated payments revenue while you focus on providing an exceptional user experience. 


Here’s how we make it happen!

Smart Technology

Our Platform is specially designed for ISVs, fully customisable to meet the specific needs of distinct vertical markets.

Painless Onboarding

Clients often worry about transitioning or converting to a new company or platform. However, with Swiped’s highly skilled and knowledgeable team in both the field and tech support, you can rest easy. We handle every step of the process, ensuring that your operation never misses a payment or skips a beat. Trust us to make your transition smooth and seamless.

Financial Incentives

Building enduring, mutually-beneficial relationships is at the core of our mission, and we take pride in our ability to deliver. Our industry-leading revenue share programs and partnerships reflect our commitment to forging lasting connections with our valued partners.

Strategic Support

Our leadership team is always accessible to partners, fostering a top-down, consultative approach that propels both companies forward.

Financial Institutions

Rev up revenue from commercial clients with our trusted and consultative approach to Merchant Services.

Our dedication to boosting deposits flowing to your financial institution from customer payments is unmatched. Let us illuminate our approach to this process.

Enhanced Merchant Services

Our expertise in driving revenue for clients has consolidated our position as a leading provider of payments technology. We are well placed to enhance your payment solutions with our bespoke Merchant Services delivered through a collaborative approach.

Relationship-Driven Sales

Our customers make us better! That’s why we’re committed to providing uninterrupted assistance, day or night. Whenever you need guidance, our devoted Customer Success team will be available for consultation, so you can feel supported every step of the way.

Leading Technology

Payment technology evolves at an alarming pace. From advanced card and smart terminals to seamless mobile and contactless payments, Swiped U is tirelessly updating our offerings to cater to the evolving needs of you and your clients.

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