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Unlimited & Complete
Payment solutions

Swiped Unlimited™ is a payments technology company.

We specialize in delivering complete payment solutions to businesses of all sizes, including independent software vendors (ISVs) and financial institutions. 

Our comprehensive services are designed to streamline transactions and enhance customer experiences.


Make customer transactions easier and boost revenue with custom payment solutions tailored for your business.

Software Developers

Looking to generate recurring revenue? Monetize the payments portion of your software with seamless integrated payments and enjoy a generous revenue share. 

Financial Institutions

Increase your commercial clients’ revenue by providing specialized Merchant Services tailored to their businesses. We can be a valuable asset to your organization.

Flexible payment solutions,

built for your business.

Our payment technology offers complete flexibility and customization to accommodate all payment options, including but not limited to contactless, online transactions, ecommerce, phone payments, and in-person transactions.

Group of credit cards
Close up of customer paying by credit card
composition with edc machine with cash and credit cards

Payment Platform

Swiped Unlimited™ offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for your business needs, ranging from state-of-the-art Smart Terminals and Virtual Terminals to Hosted Payment Page, API Invoicing, and Recurring Billing, all effortlessly integrated with our robust APIs. Our solutions are fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness, ensuring that your needs are always met with ease.

POS Solutions

Swiped Unlimited™ partners with hundreds of top point-of-sale (POS) firms and terminal manufacturers, providing businesses with tailored solutions to fit their unique needs. Our wide range of offerings accommodate everything from fully integrated POS chip card (EMV) to stand-alone EMV and contactless terminals. Our adept system advisors take the time to deeply understand your business, then collaborate with you to select a Proven POS system tailored for your requirements, whether with rich detail or simplified ease of use.

Zero Fee Program – Pay 0%Credit Card Fees!

Swiped Unlimited™ is a pioneering national leader in the zero fee movement. This innovative solution enables businesses to offer a discounted price to customers paying in cash, while eliminating expensive processing fees for card-based payments. By optimizing payment processes through Zero Fee Program, businesses can improve profitability, customer loyalty, and streamline overall operations.

Pricing that fits your budget.

We understand that businesses have varying payment methods, and that’s why we offer customized pricing tailored to your specific requirements.

It is crucial to review your payment processing statements so that you can comprehend your current pricing model and pinpoint potential areas where you can save costs.

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A winning formula you can trust.


Fully Customizable

Our customizable technology caters to businesses of all sizes and types, recognizing that each has distinct payment requirements.


No Hidden Fees

Our pricing stands out from our competitors as it is straightforward and transparent. There are no hidden fees or surprises – we keep it simple. You can trust us not to use bait and switch tactics to lure you in.


Customer Success

Our expert team offers award-winning, round-the-clock support for all your needs and inquiries. Trust us to provide world-class assistance from experienced professionals.

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