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Swiped Unlimited can provide you with 0% Credit Card Fees, adding crucial cashflow to allow you to scale your business!

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Swiped Unlimited™ is a pioneering national leader in the zero fee movement. This innovative solution enables businesses to offer a discounted price to customers paying in cash, while eliminating expensive processing fees for card-based payments. By optimizing payment processes through Zero Fee Program, businesses can improve profitability, customer loyalty, and streamline overall operations.

Offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for your business needs, ranging from state-of-the-art Smart Terminals and Virtual Terminals to Hosted Payment Page, API Invoicing, and Recurring Billing, all effortlessly integrated with our robust APIs. Our solutions are fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness, ensuring that your needs are always met with ease.

We are partners with hundreds of top point-of-sale (POS) firms and terminal manufacturers, providing businesses with tailored solutions to fit their unique needs. Our wide range of offerings accommodate everything from fully integrated POS chip card (EMV) to stand-alone EMV and contactless terminals. Our adept system advisors take the time to deeply understand your business, then collaborate with you to select a Proven POS system tailored for your requirements, whether with rich detail or simplified ease of use.

Flexible payment solutions, built for your business.

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